People First, Not a Party

As County Commissioner, I represent people first, not a party.

You won't see VOTE DOLAN stacked together and sharing sign posts with one political party or the other this election season.

The reasoning is simple, Sherburne County Commissioner is a non-partisan race.

Despite me being conservative, I don't believe local government should center around party platforms. I don't believe that a small basic political operating unit (BPOU), or a caucus made up of a few select, unelected community members should be deciding our community's positions and policies.

When I need input, I want it to come from YOU.

To me, local government is the last place where ALL OF OUR votes matter. Yours as much as your neighbors, and as much as mine.

It's a layer of government where you can still ask questions and get answers. It's an institution where relationships, empathy and teamwork within a community still matter. Where coming together is far more important than sowing divisiveness.

As your Sherburne County Commissioner, I feel I need to be able to serve all of my constituents, not just a select few who all bought the same bumper sticker.

I won't depend on a political party and its machinations to prop up my name.

I won't depend on zealots spreading rumors, false allegations or seeding implications. I'll run a positive and informational campaign just as I did in 2016.

I will depend on my relationships, my accomplishments and record of results. Growth. Transparency. Engagement. Efficiency.

I will depend on strong endorsements by folks like Bryan Provo; a citizen, a business owner, an employer, a volunteer fireman, a husband and a father.

Thanks for the kind words Bryan! With your support, I promise to continue delivering for another four years.

Flag logo shaped like D for Dolan

Together we will continue to preserve and improve our quality of life through communication, transparency, responsible growth and sound fiscal policy.

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